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Services we Offer

Concierge Service:

We offer a unique VIP Concierge Service program ideal for small startup business because our consultants are committed to changing mindsets, transforming building relationships, and maintaining client loyalty. To reach exponential results, we want to assure you that we are always available to assist you personally and professionally. Please allow us to assist you with your business development. Please get in touch with us for an appointment. 



Concierge Service:

Our unique, VIP Concierge Service program is perfect for small startup businesses because our team is focus driven when it comes to mindset transformation, building relationships and loyalty to our clients. We want you to know that we are right there to help you personally so that professionally you reach exponential Results. Let us help you create and develop your business! Schedule an appointment to get started.


Coaching Service:

Our team has helped many other entrepreneurs today launch and grow successful businesses. Our team of experts is led by, a successful Nurse and entrepreneur who have been in the trenches and come out on Top. Herself also coached by the best, the #1 wealth and serial entrepreneur. She credits coaching as the “why” to the success of her business and how coaching will help get instant return on your investment. Schedule an appointment to get started.


Consulting Service:

Our support team of experts is here to help you identify problems that may be crippling your success of your business. We assess your most critical complaints whether it be marketing, branding, strategizing, or operational, we create a plan to provide good results. Schedule an appointment to get stated.

Coaching Service:

Many entrepreneurs have already launched and grown successful businesses with the help of our team. In addition to our experts, we have a successful Nurse and entrepreneur who have been in the trenches and achieved success. In addition to being coached by the best, she is also a serial entrepreneur and the #1 wealth expert. In her opinion, coaching is the purpose behind the success of her business, and it will provide an immediate return on your investment. Make an appointment today to get started and grow a successful business. 

Coaching is based on your business needs 

Business Coach: $125/hour 

Business Coach: $5000/month

Consulting Service:

Our support team is here to assist you in identifying issues that may be hindering your business’s success. Whatever your most critical complaints are, whether marketing, branding, strategy, or operations, we will develop a plan to achieve excellent results. Many entrepreneurs have risen to the top of their industry with the help of consulting services. Please get in touch with us to schedule an appointment. 

Consulting is based on your needs for Health, Wealth counseling & motivation 

MD consultation: $100/15 minutes

ARNP consultation: $ 50/15 minutes

Nurse RN consultation: $25/15 minutes

NOTE: Due to the nature of the business, all services are nonrefundable, no exceptions.

Our packages

Hot Package Deals,
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$ 499
  • Ebook
  • 15 minutes consultation
  • T shirt
Non Refundable


$ 1499
  • Ebook
  • 30 minutes consultation
  • 60 minutes coaching session
  • T shirt
Non Refundable


$ 4999
  • Ebook
  • 30 minutes consultation
  • 120 minutes coaching session
  • T shirt
  • Business Certificate
  • Free Event Ticket

VIP Elite Deal

$ 14,999
  • E-book start to Launch
  • 30minutes consultation
  • 8 hours free coaching
  • T shirt
  • Business Registration
  • 2 Free Event Tickets
  • Free workshop & Breakout session
  • Meet & Greet
  • Website Designed
  • Networking Opportunities
Non Refundable