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Scrubs to Suits

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The book ‘Scrubs To Suits’ written by Gwenette Boddie takes its readers on a journey from working as a nurse to the master of her own business. She has beautifully pen down her journey from working in the healthcare department to becoming a millionaire. She walks you through her life helping better understand the necessary steps to achieve success by pursuing what you love to do. The book is an epitome of success giving a real-life example of how you can make a life out of absolutely nothing to providing workshops, training and business consultancy to new bees in the market.

The story starts with an idea which decides the future. If it is unique enough people will be ready to invest even if you do not have the means- make sure you identify an emerging problem and create a business idea around it. The book focuses on conducting extensive research, creating realistic goals and knowing the target audience to create a well-recognized brand. An innovative proposition leads you to a unique brand identity that turns leads into sales. She stresses on indulging in advanced and attractive marketing and branding solutions through multiple channels to target the market niche.

Gwenette is a self-made millionaire that explored and applied the above steps to reach customers by solving their problems. She has come a long way, from no penny in her purse to writing her own book to offering the ultimate consultation services. The book takes us through the simple steps of registering for advanced consultations that might be the turning point for your business. Finally, establish a business structure, file a DBA, register the company trademark and internal revenue service, and get licensed with her help. The readers will learn to start a successful business at the end of the book, following the footsteps of a millionaire who once worked as a nurse. Let’s grow together with her consultancy skills.

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