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Scrubs To Suits To Riches

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Scrubs To Suits To Riches

The book ‘Scrubs To Suits To Riches’ written by Gwenette Boddie, takes the journey of the first book ‘Scrubs To Suits’ ahead. It ponders on the need to start your own business and invest in your future rather than working for someone else. Its first book took you on an exceptional journey from having nothing in your pockets to starting her own business and later providing consultation services to people. This lady is a prime example of hard work and never giving up. She has motivated thousands of people worldwide to make the most of their lives and refuse to die poor.

Its second version encourages you to keep working until you reach the desired position while running from experiences and facing challenges at every step because giving up isn’t an option. Gwenette help turns unique ideas into business solutions that strategically increase the demand for your products, multiplying the revenues in real time. It becomes the foundation of your future success, where passion and a learning attitude at all stages make you a millionaire. ‘Scrubs To Suits To Riches’ take you on a real-life journey to follow and learn from all the mistakes. The best part about the book is that you will be trained while reading it, encouraging you to build strong connections with our platform networks and make more money-making deals.

Success doesn’t end here because once you are a millionaire, you want to achieve more. And the next stage is a billionaire. Get along on her beautiful journey with us and live her life but with all the solutions. Her training and business consulting services to new start-ups and large organizations opened many opportunities. Though she ponders on the fact that starting a business is easy, maintaining it can be challenging as one is faced with more critical decisions while integrating the right technological solutions according to the business models. The book clearly shows anyone from a different or the same background can start a business and take the necessary steps, as discussed in this book, to become rich overnight. What are you waiting for? Start reading now to go from ‘Scrubs To Suits To Riches’ in a short time.



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