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Hello, I Am Gwenette Boddie

Founder/CEO Of Nurse On Your Payroll

Welcome to the entrepreneur paradise! I am Gwen Boddie the owner of Nurse On Your Payroll – Scrubs To Suits. I am what some may call a Nurse CEO. I have been in the profession of nursing for over 25 years. I have worked in various
nursing specialties with the critical care being my love interest. I’ve also have had
the opportunity to travel places I never dream of through way of traveling nursing.
As a matter of fact one of my traveling gig landed me in Dallas, Tx at Parkland
Medical Center TCU during the Covid-19 pandemic, and, that’s where I found my
true purpose and passion for saving lives more ways than one.
Before the pandemic, in 2014, my team started a 6 figure profitable Nurse Staffing
Agency. In 2019 we created a successful IV vitamin Infusion Bar & Spa business,
and a, Trucking Company. No, it does not have to be a medical related business.
And, as an entrepreneur I have had the opportunity to work with A-list Celebrities,
Multi-Millionaires & Billionaires whom I must credit for Nurse On Your Payroll.

success together

why choose us

Imagine the time and money you would save while having this place, one stop shop that offers everything you need to create or propel you to the next level, “Its all about the next level”. A place where you get all of your business needs in one place, eliminating the hassle and frustration that comes with trying to figure out the startup process, the in-between process and, or the end-process. It’s called get it right the first time! Imagine a place that shows you how to set up your funnels, help create your website or help redo the website you already have. Imagine being connected with the right people for your business, how would that increase your value? Imagine having a marketing team that’s very strategic when it comes to campaigning and advertisement. Imagine carry on your daily routines with little to no interruptions while our team of experts, coaches, and marketers are busy bringing your Vision to Life. Imagine owning your own Profitable Multi-Million or Billion-dollar business, the limit is up to you.