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About Us

Its a team of concierge, coaches, and consultants services which is provided by Nurse On Your Payroll, an entrepreneurial business in Tampa, Florida. A registered nurse developed it in response to the tragic and hostile demands caused by the Coronavirus and the Covid-19 vaccine, which caused many health care workers to lose their jobs.  

Considering such circumstances, NOYP has established a platform called Scrubs to Suits. This platform will allow essential workers to be coached on how to transform their skills into power, credibility, and wealth. The solution is just a click away! 


Gwenette Boddie

Founder / CEO Of Nurse On Your Payroll

success together

why choose us

Our belief that we are the best at what we do is not simply because we think we are the best but because we strive to be the best. Our consultants services include building, marketing, branding, and networking your business, eliminating the stress and uncertainty. Let us turn your SKILLS into DEALS! We discover our clients’ hidden treasures, which are skills they don’t realize they possess, and then we turn that into a Cash Flow Business for them. At our company, we take satisfaction in your success and happiness seriously. Consequently, our priority is to achieve your goals. 

We are also a good choice because we have the secret sauce to success through our association with a serial entrepreneur. Having access to this success gives your business a substantial boost, precisely what your business needs. 

We are the first in our industry to offer the “Get Off Your Cranium” program, which is available only to our VIP Elite clients. To learn more, please click the ‘Try Us.’